Building presentation

So you know your audience and know what you want from it. Your next step now is to architect the keynote you'll feel natural presenting.

Let’s do it together, carefully working through each step. We’ll focus on storytelling, info architecture, slide structure and data visualization. This is what it’s going to look like.

1. We’ll start with the initial consultation (we won't have to do it again if we already did it).

2. Then, collect all the important data.

3. Find the best ways to illustrate that data.

4. Architect a storytelling and set a structure.

5. Pick the right tone of voice and visual style.

6. Improve copy.

7. Finalize the presentation.

It's C$ 250 per hour.

Building effective presentation might take several meetings with some work on your side in-between. Better count on 3 working hours minimum.

As a result

You’ll have a presentation that is ready to use (however, it can still be dramatically improved with the designer’s help).


Building presentation is not the same as the slide design. Instead, it’s focused on your goals, content and architecture.


We’ll work with you personally 1-on-1 on a zoom call (or live if you’re in Vancouver).

C$250 discount

You will get a C$250 discount if you already paid for the initial consultation concerning this presentation.

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