Pitch training

Rehearsed presentations always work better: the speakers are less anxious and more confident in their statements.

We’ll focus on how strong your presentation feels. How confident are you? How well do you know the script? What emotions are you sending out? Is the audience interested? All of it can be dramatically improved.

C$ 250 per hour.

You can book as many hours as you need until you are 100% confident that you're gonna nail it.

As a result

You’ll get professional feedback which helps you fix errors and inconsistencies, add more dynamics to the speech, and cut down on boring parts.

Zoom-call or pre-recorded

We’ll work with you 1-on-1 in a zoom call (or live if you’re in Vancouver). We can also rehearse async if you send in the pre-recorded presentation.

C$250 discount

You will get a C$ 250 discount if you already paid for the initial consultation concerning this pitch.

Заполните форму, и я свяжусь с вами в течение 1−2 дней. Мы обсудим ваши цели и то, смогу ли я вам помочь.

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